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“I would love to work with Oviya again”, Sivakarthikeyan


In a recent interview with a popular newspaper, actor Sivakarthikeyan expressed his desire to reunite with his first heroine Oviya. Sivakarthikeyan said that he was not in contact with the actress for a long time. “Oviya was my first heroine. But in between, I lost touch with her”, said Sivakarthikeyan.

The actor who was very close to Oviya’s mother, said that he was unaware of her demise. “I came to know of her mother’s death through the TV show. I felt bad that I didn’t reach out to her when it happened. Had I known that, I would have gone to her place and consoled her. I was very close to Oviya’s mother,” said Sivakarthikeyan, who added that Sathish and he always accompanied Oviya and her mom during Marina’s promotions.

A still from Sivakarthikeyan, Oviya starrer Marina.
A still from Sivakarthikeyan, Oviya starrer Marina.



“I was saddened to hear about her demise. I called up Oviya after her television show. She was my first heroine and if an opportunity comes up, I would love to work with her again,” concluded Sivakarthikeyan.

Sivakarthikeyan’s hero debut Marina (2012) had Oviya in the female lead. Earlier, in a Twitter live interaction with fans, Sivakarthikeyan revealed that Oviya hasn’t changed a bit. He also sung praises for the actress who has been playful and innocent since Marina times.


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