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This tea-seller makes Rs. 12 lakh a year!

Tea seller in Varanasi
Photo: © Jorge Royan / / CC BY-SA 3.0

Pune’s Navnath has set the bar high for many, by making Rs. 12 lakh a year selling tea. ‘Yewle Tea House’, which has three branches in the city, has about 12 employees and does brisk business through the day.

According to multiple news reports, they sell about 3000-4000 cups of tea everyday, and have plans to expand to 100 outlets soon. “We are thinking of expanding to around 100 outlets, so this will employ many more people,” Navnath was quoted as saying by a media outlet.

And, did we say he has plans to make this brand an international one?

“…this tea selling business is also creating employment for Indians. This business is growing fast and I’m happy,” he was quoted as saying.

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