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How well do you know actor Siddharth?

Actor Siddharth | Quiz
Actor Siddharth | Quiz

How well do you know actor Siddharth?

Are you a fan of the talented actor Siddharth? Take our quiz and test your knowledge on the handsome star. Only a true Siddharth fan can get all 9 right! 
Under which director did Siddharth make his debut?
Siddharth has worked as assistant director in this Mani Ratnam film.
Siddharth and this heroine made their Kollywood debut together.
This actor's directorial debut had Siddharth in the lead.
What song was Siddharth's debut as playback singer in Kollywood?
With which of these Bollywood stars has Siddharth NOT worked?
What was Siddharth's first production?
How many Bollywood movies has Siddharth acted in?
What was Siddharth's character's name in Jil Jung Juk?
How well do you know actor Siddharth?
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