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D.Imman’s important clarification on his weight loss!

Music director D.Imman looks decades younger after his impressive recent physical transformation. Losing 42 kgs in a year, the hitmaking musician has turned the heads of many with his new look.

While his lean look has already become the talk of the town, Imman clarifies that he chose “the natural process of weight shedding!”

Read D.Imman’s Facebook post here

“Nothing is Impossible! Off late certain Ppl comment on me saying that you look fit now,and some say you had lost your chubbiness…cuteness..Blah blah!! Whatever you may say friends there were tons of hardwork n dedication involved to achieve this! staying healthy and fit is a good feeling one should experience! Since my childhood i always wanted to be fit! But due to schooling n regular work schedule n pressure (started as a keyboard recording artist during my school time in early teens)round the clock recordings n morning time school going built up my obesity! As days went by my body was orchestrated to unhealthy food pattern conditions! Working in studios for countless hours with less mobility had really taken up my obesity to an whole new level!Now,Being health conscious!somehow found the time for regular workouts n by following proper diet plans was able to pull off 42kgs in a year span! I was weighing 117kgs now transformed to 75kgs!I had indicated before but due to countless queries on my weight reduction repeatedly I would like to clarify that i had chosen the natural process of weight shedding! No artificial methods friends! Say no to such unhealthy ways of shedding weight! Even though it’s time consuming,it’s better to shed naturally! Thanks to my Dietician Mrs.Athulya Rajesh and my Fitness instructor Mr.Rajesh of AR Couple’s Fitness Centre for guiding n monitoring me thru out! Keep showering your love forever! Fat or thin I’m musically yours always 👍👍Spread Love🌷.”


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