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LKG Movie – Social media reactions and rating by audience

LKG Audience response on social media

Actor Balaji and Priya Anand starrer political satire LKG (Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi) hit the screens on Friday. Going by the very first impressions rolling in via social media, the movie has impressed the audience and critics alike.

Directed by Prabhu, the movie is winning appreciations for its wholesome package with splendid humour. Check below for a roundup of reactions.

Audience reactions on social media

#LKG – Neatly written and executed political satire. There are few logical loopholes and cinematic clichés but the job is done, the harsh reality of murky politics has been flawlessly portrayed.

#LKG -Quite liked @PriyaAnand’s characterization, she plays a corporate political strategist. Not a typical Tamil heroine, thankfully there is no namesake romantic track.

#LKG first half – Laugh riot. No one sparred in Tamil Nadu /Indian politics. References of Meme creators, media /corporate influence and Thala-Thalapathy fanatics are sure to work well with masses. @RJ_Balaji ‘s home ground and he hits each & every ball out of the park.

#LKG 2nd half Review- After a laugh riot 1st half, a message to everyone on 2nd half climax place the crucial and highlighted. Sureshot watchable and hit for RJ Balaji with the support of @PriyaAnand #LKGReview #LKGfromToday #LKG Must watch and good time release ahead of election

#LKGReview From first frame shot second movie bring all memories collage of last two years political social media trending

#LKG 1st half Review- Lot of trolling political ideas mixed well within the situation.RJ Balaji almost trolled everyone and at the same time comedy works out well #LKGReview #LKGfromToday #LKG ‘Entertaining’ so far.

#LKG Review: Good film from @RJ_Balaji  Many ground work has been done in terms of politics. Running time was apt, Comedy was superb, Climax Awesome  Overall Nice debut for Rj Balaji as hero #LKGfromToday #Lkgreview

positive detailing abt politics and strong casting especially bgm .. Nanjil sampath debut also major plus #LKGReview

Done with #LKG A political laugh ride with social message @RJ_Balaji Nicely done as a hero material.. Semma @PriyaAnand Gorgious in each frame Over all fun filled excitement.. Go and watch it in theaters ! #LKGfromToday #LKGReview

#LKGReview : Conveys a much needed message & provides thought provoking moments !! Perfect mix of commercial template Sure Shot HIT product from entire #LKG Team. Go For it  Offers a fast pace enjoyment for sure #LKGfromToday

#LKG @PriyaAnand did her best role in #LKG. After the super start with #PETTA & #Viswasam in 2019.RJ Balaji #LKg is the 3rd hit in Tamil cinemas 2019. Weekend will full collection all over releases #LKGReview #LKGfromToday #LKG

#LKGReview FIRST HALF : Complete stressbuster  treatment is hilarious throughout , @RJ_Balaji ‘s flawless witty performance drives this comical plot in entertaining style.Intriguing Interval sets stage for d proceedings

#LKG – @RJ_Balaji blazes a new trail in the lead hero space. He plays to his strengths (dialogues, wit and awareness of current trends) and doesn’t go the usual mass – dance – fight route. @PriyaAnand’s character as a corporate political expert is definitely new for our heroines.

#LKG -Works best when it’s a light political satire & a spoof of pop culture elements, famous cinema scenes. Most of these references click big time. @RJ_Balaji has a pertinent ‘vote wise’ msg underneath all the fun & streetsmart political games. Youth will like it. Worth a watch

#LKG 1st half – Lotsa comedy entertainment Political satire & all pop culture references are getting a rousing response. Full house here @GKcinemas.. @RJ_Balaji is having fun as the budding, street smart politician. @PriyaAnand has a role within the political base of the film.

தரமான அரசியல் சிரிப்புக்கு கேரண்டி @RJ_Balaji ஜெயிச்சிட்டீங்க ப்ரோ.. @PriyaAnand அழகு மொத்தத்தில் 3.5/5 மறக்காம தியேட்டர்ல மட்டும் பாருங்க. #LKGReview

@RJ_Balaji நல்லா screenplay எழுதுறீங்க ப்ரோ , பட் ஒரு சின்ன உறுத்தல்.. தட் வில்லன் ஆம்பளையே இல்லனு வர எபிசொட் மட்டும் வேண்டாமே !!! All in all a good fun filled political drama #LKGreview #LKG #lkg

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