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“Black & white kannu unna .. paatha colour ah maarumeyy !!!!” Vignesh Shivn’s adorable message for Nayanthara

Vignesh Shivn and Nayanthara are possibly one of Kollywood’s most-loved couples although they haven’t made it official yet.

At a recent award function, Nayanthara received awards for her role in Aramm. Like any supportive friend, Vignesh Shivn took to Twitter to express his excitement.

“With my award and all her awards  🙂 (( Mind voice : Namma eppo ipdi award ahhh vaangi indha pulla kitta kudukaporomoo )) (sic.)” read his adorable tweet.

As if this wasn’t cute enough, he also posted a picture of the beautiful Nayanthara on stage with the caption “Black & white kannu unna .. paatha colour ah maarumeyy !!!! (sic.)”

It is to be noted that at another award function held earlier, Nayanthara referred to Vignesh Shivn as her fiance. Pictures of the couple on holiday go viral on social media seconds after it is updated. Check out a few here.

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