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Chennai shocker: 11-year-old girl raped by 22 men for 7 months

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In a horrific news that has shocked the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, it has emerged that a 11-year-old girl with a hearing disorder had been raped by 22 men, working in the same apartment, for over a period of 7 months. On Tuesday, the Police arrested 18 men, who were as security guards, electricians, plumbers, lift operators and gardeners. A police investigation is underway on the search for others involved in the case.

According to police, the girl was first raped by a 66-year-old elevator operator in the apartment complex. The girl was reportedly sedated, drugged and raped at various isolated places within her apartment complex. Three days later, the girl was raped by 2 other men outside the complex. The other men, working in the apartment, too sexually exploited her for nearly 7-months.

One of the accused, who had also videographed the rape, blackmailed the victim with the threat of releasing the videos. This prevented the girl from informing her parents.

The matter came into light after the girl narrated the tragic incident to her sister, who informed the parents and filed a complaint with the police.

The victim is getting treated at Kilpauk Medical College and her statements are recorded at a Mahila Court.