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Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘2 Point 0’ released!- Audience review on social media

2 Point 0 review

Director Shankar and Superstar Rajinikanth’s magnum opus 2.0 releases today and is already seeing a spectacular opening. Audience and critics have been raving about Rajinikanth’s performance, Akshay Kumar’s performance, the graphics and VFX alike.

Check out what the audience is saying about the movie, in their own words.

#2Point0Review – @shankarshanmugh Take a BOW!!! #2Point0 is paisa-vasool entertainment at its very best!!! Watch it out in 3D IMAX !!! Movie with the best VFX of Indian cinema!!! @rajinikanth is outstanding!!! Whatta performance!!! @akshaykumar BLOCKBUSTER Ratings – 4/5

#2Point0 #2Point0FDFS True Masterpiece. Thalaivar rocks and Akshay shines. Hats off to Shankar the visionary. This movie is a pride of India cinema. VFX top notch. Watch it in 3D to get mesmerised. Gonna book another show.

#Shankar takes his fascination for vigilante justice stories to a whole new level, literally, in #2Point0.But, there is a twist. 2.0 is a technical breakthrough in Indian cinema. #Rajnikanth does what he does best. He thoroughly entertains.#2Point0FDFS

#2Point0 #FirstHalf  Phone Parava Graphics Extraordinary..!!!! #3D QUALITY  Starting la Padam Enamooo Maathiri Thaan Pochu, Then Poga Poga.. Antha Phone Parava Intro Aparam VERA LEVEL LA Irunthudhu. WAITING For #SecondHALF
#2point0review – our #Thalaivar “vayasanalum unga style’um alagum ennaikum pogathu thalaiva @rajinikanth” @shankarshanmugh sir pirichi menjitinga @LycaProductions thanks a lot .Vfx and 3d’s best quality #PrideofIndianCinema #2Point0FromToday #2Point0FDFS #2Point0 #2
#2Point0 #review one of the best movie I have ever seen .beats many Hollywood Biggie’s by miles..what a jawdropping climax..expect the unexpected..

#2Point0: PRIZEWINNER Rating- ½ Gripping screenplay colossal preternatural & peculiar unreal moments. Incentivise performances by @rajnikanth & @akshaykumar @shankarshanmugh Unbelievable work with adroitness work. Impecabble and unblemished #2Point0FDFS #2Point0Review

Climax scene will stagger you with @rajinikanth’s dialogue delivery and VFX extravaganza is out of world.Should feel sheer smug to watch it in theatre especially in 3D. So #2.0, the magnificent team with the pure talent deserves this humongous success.

Best 3D ever seen in my life. First half was awesome. Story script is superbly written. Egarly waiting for 2nd half. A oscar winning movie for sure. Talaiver is back

No story telling and bla bla stuff. Shankar directly hits the head of the nail… Terrific screenplay

Not a single moment wasted A true challenge to Hollywood from our Tamil industry

.#2Point0 is a BIG Spectacle. VFX are spectacular but it’s the core message of cell phone radiation that strikes the human chord.Rajini style n charisma is superb,Akshay stands tall n shines.Last 30 minutes is a HURRICANE!

#2point0 clearly indicate how a visivisionary director needs a big movie and vice verca. U cant make big movie with bogus director like victor. Toh a solid chance of 400 cr hindi missed by yrf bcs of victor.

We haven’t seen anything like this. We won’t see anything like this! Shankar has made a mark in history. This is going to take some time to process. Half way through #2Point0 and my gooseflesh moments can’t be counted @rajinikanth is the ultimate 5th force

Interval of #2Point0 and the news is that it’s a HUGE moment for Indian Cinema. The VFX are much better than anything that you’ve seen in Indian movies. Shankar infuses the desi flavour of Romance, Humour and Drama to appeal to everyone.Bird Man Is INCREDIBLE!

#2Point0 -My rating 4.25/5. Enjoy. Final half hour attagasam. Visual magic with a good universal message. #SuperstarRajinikanth remains King. Evergreen! @rajinikanth @shankarshanmugh Hatsoff @akshaykumar for all the makeup efforts and a powerful role. @iamAmyJackson is a breeze

Excellent movie, great visuals, superb screenplay, storyline strong, and above great performance by @akshaykumar & #Rajnisir #2Point0Review #2point0fromtoday #Megahit

#2Point0 [4/5]: World-class VFX and 3D.. But the high u get is from #Thalaivar ‘s #Chitti Reloaded Version 2.0.. Vintage Thalaivar.. Turbo Charged.. 10 times bigger than #Endhiran Baddie 2.0

#2point0 – I thoroughly enjoyed the film and will watch multiplenumber of times. But the absence of #Sujath is evident yet again, @shankarshanmugh should find a suitable replacement soon. This visionary filmmaker needs an equally brilliant writer, especially in dialogues dept

#2Point0 has not only #superstar’s Star charisma but also good 3D & VFX effects, which is one of the major plus points. Do watch it in 3D only to get the total feel of it.

#2Point0 verithanam overloaded… Thalaivaaaaaa…U r Mind-blowing & u really set the screens on FIRE!! @shankarshanmugh sir & superb team has made an EPIC & raises the benchmark of Indian films to TOP like Kings…Hats Off!! A film to Celebrate for all of us, is HERE.

Amazing last 30 minutes! Would see it again just for that! Must watch film!

#2Point0 is flat out terrific. Absolutely loved it. @shankarshanmugh and superstar @rajinikanth hit this out of the park and they do it in style. All the hype is totally worth as the film delivers more than expected. The last 45 minutes is bat-shit crazy, huge bang for your buck.

Halfway through #2point0 and boy it looks beautiful in 3D and what breathtaking visuals. Really impressive so far and I can anticipate an even better second half.

#2Point0 isn’t just another marketing gimmick for superstar @rajinikanth . This movie acknowledge the evolution of story telling, visual aesthetics and the quality of audience. @shankarshanmugh doesn’t take anything for granted. He delivers an experience.

#2Point0 will rejoice the fans of both Shankar and Rajni as they failed to entertain individually past Robo (2010) film. Second half of #2point0 has got the meat. 3D effects and SRL sound system is of world class standard! Definitely worth a watch in 3D format!

#2Point0#TitleCARD🙏🙌 HOLLYWOOD LA Kooda Intha Maathiri 3D EFFECTS Naa Idhuvaraium Paathadhu Illa..! Semmmmaya Irunthudhu👌 Please DONT Miss The Title Card⚡

#2point0 “Indha number 1 , number 2 ellaampaappavilayaattu.. I am the only one“ Thalaivaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍 Need to watch 10 times for this mere dialogue delivery! @rajinikanth

#2Point0 Don’t know what to say Emotion filling all over 4 years of waiting 😍😍😍😘😘😘 Crying with happiness Relief

#2Point0 படம் சிறப்பாக வெளிவந்ததை அடுத்து, அதனை தியேட்டரில் கண்ட விஜய் ரசிகர்கள் புலி-2 3D-யில் எடுக்குமாறு சிம்பு தேவனிடம் வேண்டுகோள் விடுத்து தியேட்டர் முன்பு தர்னாவில் இறங்கினர். #2Point0FDFS #2Point0FromToday
#2Point0 will rejoice the fans of both Shankar and Rajni as they failed to entertain individually past Robo (2010) film. Second half of #2point0 has got the meat. 3D effects and SRL sound system is of world class standard! Definitely worth a watch in 3D format! #2Point0 review