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Maari 2 – Audience review on social media

Maari 2, the much-awaited sequel of the year, hit theatres on Friday and has opened to massive responses from the audience. Helmed by Balaji Mohan, Maari 2 features Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Krishna and Tovino Thomas in the lead roles. Coming from the superhit Dhanush-Balaji Mohan combo, the movie has hogged the media attention ever since it was announced!

Going by the audience review on social media, Maari 2 seems to have impressed the movie-goers.

Here’s what the audience have to say

#Maari2 first half- Although the film belongs to @dhanushkraja, @Sai_Pallavi92 is a revelation as the audacious #AarathuAnandhi. Impeccable energy level and what a stunning dancer she is, the real #RowdyBaby

#Maari2 first half – much much better than the first part. This time @directormbalaji seems to have got everything right. Perfect meter so far @dhanushkraja – @Sai_Pallavi92 steal the show. BGM KING @thisisysr rocks!

#Maari2 – @directormbalaji has given a new color to the template mass masala films in Tamil cinema. The film has the usual masala ingredients yet appears unique, particularly the first half.Big fan of @anirudhofficial score in first part but @thisisysr has also equally done well

#Maari2 – @thisisysr once again proves that he is the best in the business with his re-recording. @omdop’s slow motion shots in action scenes and his picturesque Tenkasi visuals are top notch. @ttovino is adequate. Good show overall.

#Maari2 – Final verdict: Well packed mass action entertainer. Better than the first part for sure. IMO @directormbalaji has a winner. Second half filled with sweet surprise in form of @Sai_Pallavi92 ‘s role. Needless to say @dhanushkraja nails it with his #Maari swag.

#Maari2 is the most satisfying sequel this year… @Sai_Pallavi92, @thisisysr and @omdop are the scene stealers. @directormbalaji has a winner in his hands An impressive @ttovino opposite a very self-assured #Dhanush ( Btw I liked him in #Maari better) #Maari2FromToday #RowdyBaby

A passable masala flick that’s equal parts fun and guilty pleasure, writingwise the central conflicts are so passe but as a film stands the ground as a joyful watch!!  #MaariCult #Maari2FDFS #Maari2fromToday #Maari2

#Maari2 3.75/5 @Sai_Pallavi92 கிரிக்கெட் வீராங்கனையாக வாழ்ந்திருக்கிறார். விருதுகள் பெற வாழ்த்துகள் @dhanushkraja டெல்டா விவசாயி படும் இன்னல்களை தன் நடிப்பால் அழகாக வெளிபடுத்தியுள்ளார். கிருஷ்ணா, ரோபோ சங்கர் நடிப்பு நன்று

liked second half completely the other side of maari Maari’s Entry & Maari’s Return in that court scene was pure masssss Both #RowdyBaby & #MaarisAanandhi songs are superbly captured nice visuals & Dance in Rowdy Baby

Director #BalajiMohan and #Dhanush seem to be taking the thorough mass masala commercial route with #Maari2. D is great as usual.. he convinces in all the different dynamics he gets.But for me,the best entertainer was @Sai_Pallavi92.her screen presence and attitude was fantastic!

@dhanushkraja @Sai_Pallavi92 ‘s performance in everything dance , comedy emotional scenes between them D’s Six Pack this time he did better than polladhavan&vip mass scenes D as #Maari & Maari’s son #Kaali comedy scenes @imroboshankar @KalloriVino & nisha semma fun #Maari2

#maari2 இன்னொரு VIP..நேர்த்தியான திரைக்கதை..அனல் பறக்கும் வசனங்கள்..பிற்பாதி வேகம் படத்துக்கு பெரிய ப்ளஸ்..ஆடியன்ஸை சீட்டின் நுனிக்கு தள்ளுகிறது.. வசனங்களுக்கு தியேட்டரில் விசில் பறக்கிறது.4.1/5

overall a ENTERTAINER for everyone #Maari was more fun and mass #Maari2 same fun as maari with sentiments, emotional Scenes, friendship but this time with less mass scenes this time family audience will enjoy a lot the begining second half was superb honestly U1 BGM avg

#Maari2 – My rating 3/5. Enjoy a typical hero-driven, fun mass masala action entertainer. The theater mood will lift your experience. @dhanushkraja @directormbalaji @Sai_Pallavi92 @thisisysr are all in good form @varusarath, @ttovino, @Actor_Krishna, Robo, Vinoth are adequate.

#Maari2 Interval – Rowdy Baby visuals is going to become vera level hit. Sai pallavi and Dhanush have danced their heart out. Decent entertainer so far…

#maari2 sema movie  @dhanushkraja anna sema Vera level  @directormbalaji Bro semaya direct pannirukinga  waiting for #maari3

#Maari2 2.5/5 Average Outing. Okayish 1st half with few mass moments which work n a pretty laggy n average 2nd half that is predictable too. Strictly Average.