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“It was challenging to compose for Maari 2”, Yuvan Shankar Raja Exclusive Interview

Yuvan Shankar Raja Exclusive Interview | Maari2
Yuvan Shankar Raja Exclusive Interview | Maari2

Music runs in Yuvan Shankar Raja’s blood and it is no surprise that every song of his is a chartbuster. In fact, some of his songs have outperformed the movie itself. Not just his songs, even his soundtracks and background scores are loved.

In an exclusive interview with Suryan FM, Yuvan reveals some interesting details and gets candid about his work.

Of all the directors you’ve worked with, who do you think has a good sense of music? 

I would have to say Selvaraghavan has a good sense of music.

You have composed a lot of songs. Which would be your favourite or let’s say your family’s favourite? 

Well, there isn’t exactly a favourite. I love all of Appa’s songs. Sometimes when I’m driving and hearing the radio, some rare or unheard song of Appa’s will play. I’ll immediately search for it and download it. ‘Nilaave Vaa’ is my favourite song of Appa’s, it instantly lifts my mood.

Even while working on Maari 2, instead of composing, Dhanush and I would sit down and have lengthy discussions about Appa’s songs. We even talk about it on WhatsApp.

You are working on a lot of sequels. Tell us a little about that. 

Maari 2 was challenging, I must say. Anirudh had given the movie a distinct style and added his touch. It was a challenge bringing in my flavour and ideas to the movie. I don’t have that problem with Sandakozhi 2 since I scored the music for the first part.

How much do you think music has evolved from the time you started out as a music director? 

There has been a huge evolution. I personally feel that all composers should make music that lives on forever. According to me, no matter what genre comes and goes, be it EDM or dubstep, melody is the one that stays. The biggest example of that is my father.

A lot of music composers are also into singing. Which composer do you think has the best voice? 

Rahman, definitely. I like certain tracks of GV Prakash and I also like the way Anirudh renders a few songs.

Yuvan is currently working on Dhanush’si and Vishal’s Sandakozhi 2. He has also turned producer with Pyaar Prema Kaadhal and will be producing Vijay Sethupathi’s next movie.