Varnajalam Season 10 in Chennai

Varnajalam 2018
Varnajalam 2018

Hundreds of breathtaking paintings with stunning visuals and vibrant hues- Varnajalam is proof that children of today have a voice louder than all the world put together.

Conducted and hosted by Suryan FM, Varnajalam- Season 10 was conducted at Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram School in Chennai on January 7. Students ranging from classes 1 to 10 turned up from various parts of the city. A cool weekend morning, anxious parents, excited children, and the power-packed Suryan FM team set out on what would be a cherished journey thereon.

All the students were split into4 categories and each category was asked to paint on an age-appropriate topic. Students from class 1 to 3 were asked to paint on the “World of Butterflies”, classes 4 to 6 were asked to paint on “Agriculture”, classes 7 and 8 painted on “Childhood” and finally, classes 9 and 10 painted on “Jallikattu”.

Esteemed and decorated personnel from the film fraternity had been called in as judges. The 1st and 2nd categories were judged by National Award-winning art director Lalgudi Ilayaraja along with Oviyar Sridhar. Judging the category “World of Butterflies” and “Agriculture”, our judges were left elated with the innocence and impressive brushstrokes displayed.

For the 3rd and 4th category, Art director Maniraj and art director-actor Kiran had been called in as judges. Painting on the topics “Childhood” and”Jallikattu” were displayed and our judges were astounded with the quality and maturity of the paintings. While some paintings tugged at our hearts with the meaning conveyed, some left us gawking at the sheer display of skill and some others captivated us with a near digital outlook.

In every category, 3 best paintings were given the first, second and third positions respectively and 20 children were given consolation prizes.

Needless to say, the children of today have enough intellect and potential in them to win over the world. Suryan FM is proud to have given them a platform to portray their skills and will delightedly continue the journey.

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