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Arya, in search of a bride

Arya in Website banner
A screenshot from the banner/Mapillaiarya

Actor Arya is (apparently) ready for marriage. In fact, his marriage has been a topic of conversation for a long time and his closeness with female co-stars always encouraged rumors.

The star of Madrasapattinam and Raja Rani took to social media to announce that he is looking for his soul mate. Well, that is indeed great news for a lot of women folks!

Few days ago, a video of Arya and his friends surfaced. In the video, they were seen talking about his wedding plans at a gym. In no time, as usual, rumors started spreading like wildfire.

Since Arya did not want any wrong information on the internet, he released a video confirming the “shocking” news.

“Hi friends, finally In search of my Life Partner. I am aware of the leaked video where I am discussing my marriage plans with my friends at the gym. It was recorded for fun but whatever you saw in the video was true. I am in search of a prospective girl. People generally search brides through word of mouth or matrimonial sites, but I am not like that. I do not have any demands. If you like me and if you think I will make a good life partner, then call 73301-73301″,the actor said in the video.

He also added,”This is not a prank or a joke. This is my life matter. Please call at this number. I am waiting for your call.”

Suryan FM tried contacting him on the number. And here’s what we got: “Thanks for calling , we have saent a message to your number, go to the website and fill your details, I will read and select my partner, Thank you.”

The website welcomes us with the line “In search of my life partner”.

There’s a form asking us to fill our name, date of birth, father’s name, education , passport no (expiry date) and ‘reasons to get married to him’.

‘Attach a video rather than a photo’, the actor says.

Arya and his gang of friends

Soon after the video, his Kollywood friends tweeted funny comments to him.

Look at the tweets:

Earlier, a similar attempt was made by Bollywood actors like Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat. It began with the US show The Bacherlorette, which was based on premise of ‘finding life partners’.

However, none of the on-screen pairs have managed to last long as a couple in real life. For example, Rakhi had called off her engagement to Elesh; and Sherawat broke up with Vijay Singh a year after The Bachelorette India (2013) ended.

Finding love is hard, even in the digital age. Being a celebrity doesn’t make it easier.

All the best Arya!