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Kalakalappu 2- audience reaction and response

Kalakalapu 2 live audience response
Kalakalapu 2 live audience response

Kalakalappu 2 is one movie that needs no introduction. Featuring an ensemble star cast, Sundar C has created a laugh riot and a celebration of sorts with this movie. The movie released today and wishes have been pouring in for the cast and crew on social media. Along with wishes, the one other thing that has been trending is reviews and responses to the movie.

As is expected, the movie proves to be a thorough entertainer and many of the cast members have been receiving compliments.Check out some of the responses to the movie.

#Kalakalappu2 First half @Actorjiiva @Actor_Jai @actorsathish @nikkigalrani @CatherineTresa1 makes us LOL at various scenes with our favourite comedy actors. Waiting for #Shiva & @manobalam to join them in the 2nd half @khushsundar

#NikkiGalrani ya vida #CatharineTeresa ku sema response 👌 #Kalakalappu2

#Kalakalappu2 best laughter medicine after a long time. @SunderC proved it again. @Actor_Jai @Actorjiiva @actorshiva they maintian the tempo full time with excellent timing and constant laughter.

#Kalakalappu2 . Interval!! Sundar.C typical template. Laugh riot. Comedy works big time. Movie is going like festival with bunch of comedy actors. As usual No logics!! But entire audience are laughing!! Waiting for siva atrocities.😀😀😀..sure shot as of now!! (1/2)

#Kalakalappu2 . Completed!!! Fun ride!!! If you like sundar. C template won’t disappoint you. Second half stands high with yogibabu and siva one liner. Loved it. Book the tickets with your family and enjoy it. Stress relief movie. Will work all centres. (2/2)

#Kalakalappu2 – Adichu thuvacha storyline; Among d huge star cast, ultimate show stealer is Shiva, though he appears post interval his portions r gud. Nikki & Cath for glamour quotient, works in favour of d film. 1st half is plain drama, 2nd half comedy brings laugh. 1 tym watch.

@actorshiva is all set to make us laugh with his quirky sense of humour along with @Actor_Jai & @Actorjiiva A #SundarC kondattam #Kalakalappu2 from tmrw #Kalakalappu2FromTomorrow @CatherineTresa1 @nikkigalrani @hiphoptamizha @AvniGroups @khushsundar #MovieBond

#Kalakalappu2: Lengthy runtime of close to 3 hours, but you won’t feel the bite if you’re game for such a film. Both the songs and the fights have comedy infused nicely.

#Kalakalappu2 Interval!! Wowwww Laugh riot. Comedy works big time. Movie is going like festival.Entire audience are laughing!! sure shot as of now!! Nikki You Looks Absolutely Beautiful 😍 😍 😍 Acting 👌👌

 #Kalakalappu2: Jiiva and Jai piggyback on a plethora of comedians led by @iYogiBabu, @actorsathish, @iamrobosankar and more. But the show-stealer is Shiva, who despite coming in only halfway, rocks the party.
#Kalakalappu2 review @YogiBabu_offl dominates 2nd half..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 laugh riot 😀😀😀 as usual dir_sundarC, good entertaining movie 🍿 @Actor_Jai @Actorjiiva @actorsathish @khushsundar @hiphoptamizha kudos to all cast and crew 👌🏻
#Kalakalappu2 – 1st half – Below average so far. Except for tiny little comedies at times, nothing worked out. Heavy drag thanks to the needless songs and mindless double meaning comedy dialogues. Onus on @actorshiva to uplift the film who made a rousing entry at the interval.
#Kalakalappu2 super report. Hope it will ends 2018’s first #hit #Kollywood
#Kalakalappu2 (Tamil) – Interval – Comedy works in parts with situation and double meaning humor. Script is convincing, nice to see whole lot of talented artists with peppy BGM. (1/2) @khushsundar @Actorjiiva @Actor_Jai @actorshiva @hiphoptamizha @nikkigalrani #SundarC
#Kalakalappu2 (Tamil) – Interval – On the other side, no logic, too slow with songs as speedbreakers and some boring cinematic moments are also present. Break point (Shiva’s intro) is enjoyable, so awaiting for the 2nd half. ‘Okay’ so far. (2/2)
#Kalakalappu2 laughter roit and a perfect entertainer for this weekend #SundarC knows exactly the pulse of audiences and has presented the movie well. With good performances from @nikkigalrani @Actorjiiva @Actor_Jai
#Kalakalappu2@actorshiva turns the tables in the second half that makes us overlook the negatives in earlier half. @iYogiBabu, @iamrobosankar, Munishkanth and co make the audience burst in laughter in certain scenes. Watchable – Above Average(2.75/5)
As these guys said.. A laugh laughh laughh riott from sundar c sir and co.. A rib ticklingg fun filled movie.. watch outt the real kondatam in theatres 😍😂😂#Kalakalappu2 #Kalakalappu2 review @hiphoptamizha @Actorjiiva @nikkigalrani @AvniGroups @actorsathish @manobalam
As promised, #SundarC delivers a rollicking comedy entertainer.. loosen up, forget all tensions and go watch this fun ride #Kalakalappu2 @Actorjiiva @Actor_Jai @actorshiva @hiphoptamizha @CatherineTresa1 @nikkigalrani @AvniGroups @khushsundar

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