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Kolamaavu Kokila- audience review on social media

Lady Superstar Nayanthara is on a winning spree this year. Her latest release Kolamaavu Kokila has been receiving rave reviews from the audience on social media. If you were considering watching the movie too, you should definitely take a look at this.

“#KolamaavuKokila in Abu Dhabi different movie riots comedy super ful theatre was enjoyed சிரிச்சு சிரிச்சு வாய் வலிக்குது @Nelson_director @anirudhofficial #Nayanthara @LycaProductions everybody acting perfect & bgm super (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila (4/5): Claps & whistles all over the theatre. @Nelson_director has his blockbuster out of Lady superstar #Nayanthara who outshines her performance on class & masses!!!👍👍 #BlockbusterKolamaavuKokila @NayantharaU @anirudhofficial #KolamaavuKokilaBlockbuster (sic.)”

#KolamavuKokila Is Another Marana Mokka Movie From #Nayan 😡 #Dora (2.25/5) #Coco (2.75/5) #KolamaavuKokila Is #Dora2 From #Nayanthara 🤦 “Nayanuku Retirement Vayasu Thaan Vandhuduchudi Retire Pannu Di, Bore Adikadhadi, Saavadikadha Di” 😫😟👎 #CoCoFromToday (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila remains to b one of the best films in #Nayanthara ‘s career! Watta performance! Thalaivi’s expressions are way more addictive than the cocaine ❤ All the love and respect to #LadySuperStar nd hoping for nothing less than a blockbuster👍 #CoCo (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila 🔥🔥🔥A fun ride with , @NayantharaU. @anirudhofficial #Yogibabu entertaining at their best!👏👏👏 Super entertainment film all the best whole team the clear super hit 👌👌(sic.)” 

“Best thing in #KolamaavuKokila is her voice 😍😍😍 #Nayanthara vae 10 feet distance la pesra maari iruku ….. #Nayanthara inime Ella padathukum neeye dub panu (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila ❤❤❤ @anirudhofficial is the soul of the film👌👌 RR and thottaakkalaai song placement Vera level 👌👌👌👌👌👌Thank u so much @Nelson_director for giving us a sweet film👍Nd not to forget Sivakumar vijayan’s camera work is top notch❤ #CoCo (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila A Good Heist film where first half dulls apart but 2nd half entertains 👌 Nayanthara, Yogi Babu and Music by Anirudh were strength of the movie (sic.)”

“ended on a high #interval 👏 !! definitely underplayed by #nayantara but killing it wid subtle reactions 😍👏 ! #KolamaavuKokila intermission (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila 1st half : Full #Nayanthara magic Her innocence ,  fear , smugling tricks , interval bang with 2 murder 1st half Dedicated to all Nayan fans 2nd half : Yogi Babu show #Nayan & MottaRahendran scores here n ter Overall : A Decent Family smugling entertainer 👍 (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila I haven’t seen movies like this before. Completely different. How come every other characters in the film perform so well. @Nelson_director is one brilliant director. (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila interval. Uncontrollable laughter. Never scene such a twisting funny interval block before. So far sure shotttttt👌 (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila Interval: Moving at a good pace. The comedy and thrills are balanced well. #Nayanthara rocks in a timid role, bringing (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila One word review – Bumper Hit THERI !!!👏👏👏👏 Not a single scene is letting down the audience. Money Spinner (sic.)”

#KolamaavuKokila Sirichu Sirichu Vayiru Valikuthu 2nd 100% laughter Guarantee…..2018 Hit for @NayantharaU #YogiBabu Vera level (sic.)”