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Rajinikanth’s Petta – MARANA MASS response on social media

Superstar Rajinikanth’s much-awaited Karthik Subbaraj directorial Petta has hit the screens on Thursday and opened to positive response from all corners.

Starring Rajinikanth, Vijay Sethupathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Trisha and Simran in the lead roles, the film is produced by Sun Pictures. With it’s marana mass teaser and trailer, Petta had already struck the chord with the audience.

Going by the reviews on social media, the movie has impressed fans, audience and critics alike. Check out the audience reactions on social media –

Unanimous positive response on social media!

#PettaReview – Sirapana tharamana #Thalaivar padam by @karthiksubbaraj & team. Vintage #Superstar @rajinikanth Is Back.

#PettaReview Very good first half . . Second half starts on a good note but gets very lengthy and boring until the last 15 minutes ! However a satisfying non Shankar RAJINI FILM after many years ! #PettaParaak

Petta premier show in USA was rocking. Most fun Rajini movie since Sivaji. Karthik plays it safe with normal revenge story and not as unique as his previous films but he knows what the fans have been waiting for & he delivered it.  #PettaFDFS #PettaReview

#PettaReview Completed watching Petta .. Crazy Screen play, Strong Story, @rajinikanth sir Style and acting, @karthiksubbaraj thank you sir Patte Pongal : 4.5/5.. Celebrations begins #Petta celebrations

#PettaReview pakka first half with what we want as a pure #Thalaivar fan#Petta this word is a very good suitable one bcoz it’s a #SuperstarRajinikanth petta da@karthiksubbaraj sir pirichitinga@anirudhofficial another hero@sunpictures made it#PettaFDFS #PettaParaak

#Petta Thalaivaaaaa !! The old vintage Rajini whom we missed in 90s times is back. The content is the king here and Thalaivar carries the story with ease. Kili Kili BGM @anirudhofficial. All set for second half. Till now, Blockbuster on Cards !! #PettaParaak

#PettaReview ஒரு ரசிகன் தன் தலைவனை எப்படி பார்க்க வேண்டும் என்று நினைக்கிறானோ அதை அப்படியே பிரதிபலித்திருக்கிறார் #கார்த்திக்சுப்புராஜ்  ஒவ்வொரு வசனமும் அரங்கம் அதிரும் விசில் சத்தம் பறக்கின்றனர் #Petta My Rating 5/5 @karthiksubbaraj @sunpictures

Aattam eppavume paththaadhu thalaivaaaaaaa  #Petta is a smart and petite revenge drama that goes around for a while and comes back like an unexpected bullet. @karthiksubbaraj padam. @anirudhofficial and @DOP_Tirru have had some major fun.

#Petta is a @rajinikanth film. A film that emotes well and entertains to the fullest  God bless you @karthiksubbaraj  You have quenched the thirst of crores of @rajinikanth fans. One more half to go

#PettaReview Completed watching Petta .. Crazy Screen play, Strong Story, @rajinikanth sir Style and acting, @karthiksubbaraj thank you sir , rocking BMG @anirudhofficial . PETTA marana masss #PettaFDFS

#Petta – Perfect Package of Pongal Treat to all. Action, sentiment, Comedy, another Mass combo film from @karthiksubbaraj and team… Rating : 4.5/5 #PettaReview #Pettaparaak #PettaFDFS

My childwood(most of 90’s nd 80’s kids) super hero is hereafter long long time I saw him today after #Padaiyapa #Petta wat an awesome complete #Rajinikanth movi..Mass,Class,dialogues,dance emotion,romance wow wow thank you #PettaPARAAK #PettaFromToday #PettaFDFS #PettaReview

#Petta is the greatest treat from a rajini fan. I can’t feel my throat anymore from all the screaming. Love you #Thalaivar #PettaParaak #PettaPongalParaak #PettaFromToday #PettaFDFS @karthiksubbaraj @anirudhofficial @sunpictures thank you.

Frame by frame Rajinism is top notch !!! No one can Glorify Thalaivar like this !! Best Thalaivar film of the decade ! Thank you Karthik Subbaraj #Petta #PettaFDFS #PettaParaak #PettaReview #GetRajinified #PettaPongal

#Petta 2nd half -Karthik Subbaraj keeps quite a few twists & surprise elements. The final few mins will thrill #SuperstarRajinikanth fans, especially elder fans. But slow, over-stuffed & drags beyond a point. Overall the film wudve worked way better with a much shorter runtime

#Petta – At 68, #SuperstarRajinikanth’s commitment towards his director, his charm, energy, style, aura etc. are unmatched. #legend. Action, dance, consistent performance, vintage mannerisms – what more can he do for a film!  The way our warden says ‘kuzhandhaingala’. Arumai!

#Petta #SuperstarRajinikanth ROCKS, undeniable fact. Feast for vintage #Thalaivar fans @anirudhofficial is the other hero, with #MaranaMass #Ullaallaa and some fantastic BG themes @DOP_Tirru visuals and locations @Nawazuddin_S best of the support actors. Fantastic 1st half

#Petta 1st half – Super interesting stuff @karthiksubbaraj. Hardly any dull moment! @DOP_Tirru has crafted each frame so aesthetically like a painting. @anirudhofficial brings all his thalaivar veri to his music console. Vintage #SuperstarRajinikanth batting – One man force

#Petta first half – The most entertaining #SuperstarRajinikanth in recent times. Rajinism filled through out . Feast for all #Thalaivar fans.

#Petta – 3.25/5. What begins as a #SuperstarRajinikanth film turns into a @karthiksubbaraj film in the second half. First half-Rajinism, second half-hard core gangster film.

#Petta – What didn’t work : Too long, completely in contrast with the highly entertaining first half so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Should wait and see how it would work commercially. But another gutsy attempt by #SuperstarRajinikanth

#Petta second half. Intriguing, Massy,classy.. sentimental & intense action. Check out the nuances of style king & wow what a climax.Vera level writing! @VijaySethuOffl got elevated a level higher @Nawazuddin_S totally brilliant. Satisfies all genres of movie lovers. #PettaFDFS

Petta – A movie to celebrate the phenomenon that is Rajini. Effortlessly rolled back the years. Absolutely loved it. Entertainment overloaded. #PettaFDFS #PongalTreat #ThalaivarDharisanam