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Tamizh Padam 2 – Audience Review on Social Media

Director C.S Amudhan’s much-awaited spoof comedy entertainer Tamizh Padam 2, a sequel to the 2010 superhit Tamizh Padam, hit theatres on Thursday.

Helmed by Sashikanth, the movie features Shiva, Ishwarya Menon and Disha Pandey in lead roles.

Ahead of the release, the makers have created a humongous hype among the audience through parodied posters and sneak peek videos. So far, it is safe to say that the movie is winning.

Here are the reviews on social media

#TamizhPadam2 – Vedalam, Vivegam and Remo Trolled heavily. Politics – Total ADMK damage . A comic relief . Aanaa kasturi item song – Mudiyala .

Not even one vulgar shot in the movie so far , and yet he has spoofed so many things in the Most democratic way possible. Respect @csamudhan ! #TamizhPadam2 #Interval

#Tamizhpadam2 interval – Fun Fun and more Fun. Can’t be just termed as a spoof movie , @csamudhan has worked so hard on even tiny things. No mercy to any actor – Suttle galaai !!

#Tamizhpadam2 #TamizhPadam2Review #TP2 Review 1st half : Ultimate troll enjoyable so far . Redmi users and jail scene was the amazing troll. Plus : Troll, minus : songs and slow screenplay Okayish so far #TamizhPadam2FromJuly12

#TamizhPadam2 4/5 – H.Raja’s AntiIndian, OPS Dharmayudham, Chinnamaa’s Sabatham Vechi Senjitaanga… – Marana Kalaai Spoofs – Remo, Vedalam, VTV, Maari, Baahubali, Vivegam – Thalaivan @actorshiva’s Performance Veritthanam, BGM  – @csamudhan

#Tamizhpadam2 – On the downside, comparing with the number of scenes trolling Ajith and Rajinikanth, there wasn’t many spoof sequences on Vijay and Kamal Haasan . Gutsy attack on ADMK and BJP! #Thalapathy

#TamizhPadam2 everything wrong with Tamil movies showcased into one movie, So many parodies, so far Vivegam spoofnis the best @actorshiva #GangaiAmaran Hats off in capturing sooo many villains @actorsathish. @WhistleAdi @ZaZuOke

#TamizhPadam2 i want that Baahubali 2 end people getting thrown to Fort scene spoof.epdi dha raajamouli pannaro theriyley innivaray.tree Voda elasticity enna adhuku breaking point irukku andha fort distance ,height enna .spoof material verey level.

#TamizhPadam2 தமிழ் படத்துக்கு ஒரு டிக்கெட் கொடுயா ஒரு டிக்கெட் 2000 ரூபாய் என்னது 2000 ஆ? ஆமா எல்லா ஹீரோ படத்தையும் ஒரே படத்துல காட்ரோம் தானே.. #TamilPadam2 #Tamizhpadam2 @csamudhan @sumanthraman

#Tamizhpadam2 | Complete ‘Spoof’ movie that has gone a step ahead by trolling politics along with Tamil movies. Second half is the real show saver after first half looked way below par at interval. Shiva, Sathish, Director Amudhan comes out winning at the end. Enjoyable(3.25/5)

#Tamizhpadam2 | Director @csamudhan has shown no mercy in trolling some famous movies and politicians, but good that he has executed in a lighter note. From heroes to directors to heroines he hasn’t left behind anyone unspoofed. Few linking sequences showcased the talent he has!

#Tamizhpadam2 | The team has literally brought many scenes back to screen through this. Loved the authenticity in costumes, camera and face expressions in those sequences that looked so much similar to the original. The final dance war sequence is a sure shot laughathon moment!

#Tamizhpadam2 | Loved Shiva, Sathish & Iswarya who played a big part in recreating famous sequences especially that of GVM movies, Remo, Vedalam, Vivegam, Thuppakki, Mersal, Kabali, Devar Magan & epic Baahubali. Linkage of all these by @csamudhan – @editorsuresh is super cool👌

#Tamizhpadam2 | Not to forget the sequences spoofing Irudhisuttru, Mankatha, Gangai Amaran , Mysskin, Saamy, Muthu, Sathyaraj, Bodhidharman, 24, Anniyan and 2PointO that kept the audience split into laughter in 2nd half. @sash041075 deserves credit for the rich production values!

#TamizhPadam2 – As expected @csamudhan is on a trolling spree. As expected @actorshiva rocks with his trademark deadpan humor & dialog delivery. @actorsathish‘s different makeovers are a highlight too. Plenty of LOL moments & some flat moments too. Long first half, 1 hr 20 mins

#TamizhPadam2 – ‘#Vedalam transformation’ segment Theri.. Sema response.. Sema fun.

#TamizhPadam2: @actorshiva’s incredible comic timing is the heart of the film, even the slightest of his stares tickle fun. @actorsathish has a strong role to play with close to 15 getups, his dance sequence with Shiva is a treat!