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Vanjagar Ulagam – audience review on social media

Intense-crime thriller Vanjagar Ulagam, featuring Guru Somasundaram of Aaranya Kaandam and Joker fame, hit the big screens on September 7. Touted to be a gangster tale, the A certified movie also stars Joh, Chandini Tamizharasan, Sibi, Anisha Ambrose, the movie is directed by Manoj Beedha.

Going by the reviews on social media, the movie seems to have impressed the audience and critics alike.

Audience reviews on social media

#VanjagarUlagam @IamChandini_12 brings th right amt of mystery, allure n trepidation to hr role. #GuruSomasundaram layers his perfrmnce to perfection. @manojbeedha_dir s noir gangster drama, an attempt to try something new . good casting.

#VanjagarUlagamFromToday – @IamChandini_12 gets a bold part and does it well. #GuruSomasundaram plays a gangster with personal battles to fight. It’s a role which other actors would’ve hesitated to pick. #Section377 and #VanjagarUlagam also share a connection.. Chk it out.

#VanjagarUlagam – Has a #Thala #Ajith reference with the evergreen #Dheena intro sequence and action scene in the rain..

#VanjagarUlagam: Highly experimental attempt that converges a murder mystery with a gangster setup. Extremely slow but persistent narrative with a twist at the end. May appeal to international audiences and pure film fans!

#VanjagarUlagam done watching – This young team can really feel proud about themselves for making such a top quality movie that stands true to its genre. Theater scene, Scorpio scene , there are scenes like this that will make a movie love crazy. Well done!!

#VanjagarUlagam: @SamCSmusic provides a globally acceptable score – the best part of the film. Very innovative approach to his work that deserves lot of praise. Mexican cinematographer Rodrigo does a great job too. Technically strong!

#VanjagarUlagam – Easily, the most experimental attempt in Tamil cinema. A moody gangster thriller that, despite pacing issues, packs a solid punch. It also goes down as @SamCSmusic’s best work by far. Also features great visuals.

#VanjagarUlagam Interval – The cinematography , Music and Guru Somasundarams performance are elevating the movie to next level. Did not expect a movie of this quality from a debutant. Enjoying the movie !!


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