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Let youngsters drive change, I’ll back them: Traffic Ramasamy

A popular name that has been featured in various news articles for all the right reasons, Traffic Ramasamy is a person to reckon with. Having filed hundreds of public interest litigations, he has been responsible for driving a change in the state.

Such revolution is always met with a rebuttal and his case is no different. Having raised his voice for a variety of issues, Ramasamy was subjected to attack in the year 2002. Although his life was saved, he has lost vision in his right eye.

And yet, nothing seems to deter this good samaritan. Age is just a number to him and no matter how many times he has been refuted, Traffic Ramasamy has always managed to stand tall.

Watch as he indulges in a witty and thought-provoking chat with us, while still going about going about his daily duties. He signs off on a cheery note, telling us he’ll see us again soon. Honestly, we cannot wait.

Society could do with taking a leaf or two out of his book, don’t you think?