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Super Deluxe- Audience review on social media

SuperDeluxe- Vijay Sethupathi- Samantha
SuperDeluxe- Vijay Sethupathi- Samantha

The much-awaited Super Deluxe hit screens today and it has been raking in positive reviews from celebrities and audience alike. Check out what audience have to say about the movie.

Samantha, who plays a role in the movie, has tweeted “Thankyou for making me the happiest girl in the world this morning ….so so grateful ..@itisthatis Thankyou for Vaembu.. #SuperDeluxe is out and the reviews are so beautiful . (sic)” 

Check out what audience have to say about the movie.

#SuperDeluxe – Laughs, gasps, nervous giggles, tears, awe. There isn’t a note the film fails to hit. What ultimately stays with you is the tenderness in simple moments you find between the film’s shocks and surprises. (sic)”

#SuperDeluxe Interval: Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck… Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck… Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck… Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck… @itisthatisThala.Vera Level.”

#Superdeluxe Is fun, is disturbing, is entertaining, is boring, is mind blowing , is first of its kind, its trippy and is world class. Exact feel i got in a RIDE OF A LIFE like never. Cannot stick this to a GENRE but will stun you BRAVE AND FEARLESS FILM MAKING”

#SUPERDELUXE is one of the best movies to come out of Tamil film industry in recent times. Brave. Bold. Dark. And a whole of fun. This is why i love movies. For experiences such as this.I knew the movie will be bonkers but nothing could have prepared me for what i just witnessed.”

#SuperDeluxe (4.5/5) Interval scene is too…goood @VijaySethuOffl @Samanthaprabhu2 acting was killinggggg….. Steal the show..@VijaySethuOffl @Samanthaprabhu2″

#SuperDeluxe is crazy AF & even that’s an understatement. I feel it’s a lovely companion piece to #AranyaKaandam A Full on return to form by @itisthatis”

I don’t know how to describe #SuperDeluxe. It is wierd, thrilling, funny, relevant, over the top, dark, emotional and so much more. @VijaySethuOfflyou are brilliant @Samanthaprabhu2love you @itisthatiswhat goes on in your mind man!!!”

Actor Divya Darshini had tweeted “Everyone is pugalndufying #SuperDeluxe n I’m so hapy for @itisthatisir as a fan of his Aranyakaandam… Housefull shows aheadnamaku yepo tkt kidaikumoo entire team ku super vazhthukal@VijaySethuOffl@Samanthaprabhu2@meramyakrishnan#Fahad”

Jus watched #SuperDeluxe. NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE MOVIE AND ITS NARRATION. ThiyagarajanKumararaja killed it. An ultimate Genius.”

Yeah,, watched it in a special screening today, If you love the kind of movies @VijaySethuOff loves to associate himself with, I am sure you will love #SuperDeluxe too!”

Just now got out of possibly one of the best movies I have seen in This Decade…Truly Remarkable#SuperDeluxe@Samanthaprabhu steals the show with a character of such great depth and executed brilliantly Loved it!!!!!”

#SuperDeluxe is such a Masterpiece @itisthatis Nailed it Like Aaranya Kaandam this film will also be spoken for A Long Time such a Timeless Classic @VijaySethuOfflManushan Pichitaaru ya”

@Samanthaprabhu2 Omg She’s a Pombale KamalHasan da saaaaaamy #SuperDeluxe #Vaembu”

“#SuperDeluxe – A diff ride- the film talks about Transgender, Sex and adolescent, but the way director narrated shows his brilliance and we won’t regret! Heavy competition on performance from all, especially @VijaySethuOffl@Samanthaprabhu & Fahad but the kid stands top wrth it”

“@Samanthaprabhu2#SuperDeluxe You Are just Fuckinn amazing No More Words to Describe that Character In local language “Mass Ooora Mass Acting” That’s Sam For you”