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Elite fashion brand gets trolled for selling Lungis for Rs. 5000

The humble lungi gets a fancy makeover!
The humble lungi gets a fancy makeover!

A popular, high-end fashion brand was under heat recently after the launch of their latest product. Targetted at men, the new product is described as a sarong or wrap-around skirt with a slit at the hem and draped detailing in the front. Priced at nearly Rs. 6000, these infamous sarongs have been grabbing eyeballs for many reasons.

The irony, as any Indian can rightly spot in seconds, is that the concept of a ‘skirt for men’ has been in existence from time immemorial in India. In fact, it was something we have all seen our grandfathers and fathers adorn. The humble lungi seemed to have inspired the international fashion icon’s imagination and led to the birth of this fancy male sarong.

Expectedly, Twitterati went into a frenzy and some of the tweets were downright hilarious!