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Insane! Man jumps into lion closure to ‘have a chat’

Photo shows man entering the lion enclosure.
Photo shows man entering the lion enclosure. Courtesy: ANI

A man, believed to be in an inebriated state, jumped into a lion enclosure in Thiruvananthapuram zoo on Wednesday. The man, later identified as Murugan, claimed that he wanted to ‘have a chat with the lion’, much to the astonishment of zoo officials.

The mobile video footage of the incident reveals Murugan managed to cross two barriers before approaching the lion. A security guard who noticed this almost immediately alerted zoo officials and came to Murugan’s rescue.

According to reports, Murugan had been missing from home for a week and his family had been on the lookout for him when the incident occurred.

The insane and foolish act has been highly condemned by zoo authorities, with eyewitnesses saying that the man barely escaped danger.

Other news reports state that Murugan has been admitted to a hospital and is being treated for leg injuries. He will be subjected to questioning soon.