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Here’s how Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ was made!

Rajinikanth in 2.0
A screengrab of the video showing actor Rajinknath in action during the shoot of '2.0'. Photo: YouTube?Lyca Productions

Director Shankar is known for making movies that stand out, both in terms of budget and grandeur. His collaboration with Rajinikanth for the sequel of Enthiran has created a lot of buzz and reached its crescendo on Sunday, when the director released a video showing the making of 2.0‘s VFX.

The video has actors and technicians of the movie talking about their experience. “Making Shankar sir’s vision come to life was one of the most gratifying part of my job.  My first thought was ‘how? How are they going to pull off and create something so impossible in real life’,” says actor Akshay Kumar.

Director Shankar adds, “In 2.0, there’s a strong character pitted against the Chitti. There’s double the amount of VFX in the second part, compared to the first. The imagination is wild and huge.”

Srinivas Mohan, the VFX supervisor for the film, says the second part is much more elaborate and that the first part is a ‘teaser’ compared to this one. The video also reveals that the crew have used a technology called ‘virtual camera’ in the movie.

2.0 video leaked?

Earlier in the day, Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya took to Twitter to hit out at those who had leaked a video of the movie. “Leaking content online before the official release should not be TOLERATED or ENCOURAGED ! This is a heartless act ignoring hard work, efforts and sentiments of the makers for few seconds of excitement !!! (sic),” she said.

We sure can’t wait to see the official teaser, as this one promises to be high-quality VFX feast for fans and normal cinema goers, alike.,