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Junga – Audience review on Social Media

Vijay Sethupathi, Sayyeshaa, Madonna Sebastian starrer comedy entertainer Junga hit the big screens on July 27. Directed by Gokula, Junga is a quirky tale of a ‘lovable family don’, played by Vijay Sethupathi, who appears in an all-new avatar.

Yogi Babu appears as an ‘assistant don’ in the movie, which also stars Rajendran, Saranya Ponvannan and Radha Ravi among many others. Shot in exotic locations, the movie is touted to be the costliest film in Vijay Sethupathi’s career.

Looks like the movie has hit the right chords with the audience, as positive reviews are flowing in on social media.

Here are the audience reviews on Twitter

#Junga – @sayyeshaa gets good screen space in the 2nd half. She’s at her youthful best carrying gorgeous costumes. Her dance moves are a highlight in the jolly #Lollikiriya sequence & #KoottippoKoodave. It’s a good outing for the young

#Junga A typical @DirectorGokul film. The quirky dialogues and funny scenes are biggest +ve. Some comedy parts have not been worked out well. The high budget can be witnessed in the scenes that shot in Paris. VJS carries it with ease..Go for a watchable comedy entertainer. 3/5

#Junga 2nd half – The action happens in Paris in exotic locations. The huge budget, production value shows. But the mafia – police – chases ‘international action’ angle seemed forced.. Feels long too.. Overall, a watchable comedy – action entertainer which! The Paati rocks!

#Junga overall a fun filled trademark #VijaySethupathi film. @DirectorGokul deserves special mention for his narrative style. All the characters are seen throughout the film adding humour to the best. No doubt! Decent hit movie. @sayyeshaa @iYogiBabu @sidvipin @VJSethupathi

#Junga Interval: Padam semma jollya irukku. @VijaySethuOffl ABSOLUTELY nails the Kanja Don in his own QUIRKY STYLE . Yogibabu 1 liners nu Oru book podalam. Pinraaru. Saranya Mam in Chennai local slang semma surprise. THAARUMAARU SO FAR #VijaySethupathi

#Junga 1st half -Director has tried to give Kollywood’s Don spoof movie with full of comedy scenes, without story. Few Comedy scenes works out to huge extent. #SaranyaPonvannan rocks with her acting as usual. #VJS has tried his best to make Audience laugh with his acting skills.

#Junga 1st half – A typically wacky & unique style of Madcap comedy from @DirectorGokul. A good % of the jokes click. Fun! #VijaySethupathi, #SaranyaPonvannan, #YogiBabu, #RadhaRavi (pakka Marlon Brando mimicking) make it work. Waiting for the ‘darraagum’ Paris.

#Junga (Tamil) – Interval – ‘Kanja Don’ role quirky and has a rightful justification to his character, @VijaySethuOffl has played it nicely. Has few laughter & clap worthy moments, but mostly boring as many comedies (dark) that falls flat. Pace is also slow. ‘Average’ so far.

#Junga first half – a gangster spoof trolling the usual cliché. Vijay Sethupathi owns the film so far, #SaranyaPonvannan is too good. @sayyeshaa looks drop dead gorgeous.

#Junga first half unlimited fun. Nearly 90mins n time flies with engrossing moments. One liners n super body language and dialogue deliveries of #VijaySethupathi are major plus. #SaranyaPonvannan is reinvented with new humour avatar. @iYogiBabu is plus. @DirectorGokul @sidvipin

#Junga – இடைவேளை பாவம் விசே.. நல்லா வாழவேண்டிய மனுஷன்..சொந்த படம் வேற..ஒரு சீன் / ஒரு ஃப்ரேம்ல கூட சிரிப்பே வரல..2nd ஹாஃப் காப்பாத்தினா வேணா உண்டு.. பர்ஸ்ட் ஹாப் உக்கார முடியாம நெளியறானுக..ஒரு சீன் மட்டுந்தான் மத்தவனுகளும் கிளாப் /சிரிப்பு சத்தமோ கேட்டுச்சு இவ்ளோ நேரத்துல

#Junga first half – a gangster spoof trolling the usual cliché. Vijay Sethupathi owns the film so far, #SaranyaPonvannan is too good. @sayyeshaa looks drop dead gorgeous.

#Junga Enjoyed the fun ride with @VijaySethuOffl and @DirectorGokul Quirky situations with surprising Dark Comedy all over the film makes it a fun-filled watch. Vjs delivers a super show. Fans will hv fun. Yogibabu is a riot (bun scene). Paatti ma

Too lengthy. Comedy works in many places but it felt like a disjointed film. Didn work for me. VJ Sethu non stop pesite irundha madhiri oru feel. Madonna comes for one song. Sayeesha as usual one song dance and few scenes. Mother n paati character super. Very average film. #Junga

#junga interval review: ABSOLUTELY LOVING THIS DARK COMEDY LAUGHATHON so far from @DirectorGokul and @VijaySethuOffl duo. Spoofy n funny at the same time unique. Sethu n @YogiBabu_offl combination unstoppable . Saranya in another super funny role. Enjoyable so far

Finished the fdfs of our very own @VijaySethuOffl’s #Junga a best movie with lots of fun and best screenplay from @DirectorGokul sir @sayyeshaa and @MadonnaSebast14 both at their level of best.Totally a best movie and it worth ur movie and fulfill ur thoughts.#JungaFromToday

#junga grandmother in the movie is the show stopper in the second half #massmoments for her