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Santhosh Narayanan’s question to netizens

Rajinikanth's Kaala releases on April 27
Rajinikanth's Kaala releases on April 27

There is no dearth for updates when it comes to a Rajinikanth movie. Earlier this week, Santhosh had written a tweet expressing his gratitude to the team for letting him explore his musical expression.

Then, in an announcement that took the internet by storm, Dhanush (the producer of Kaala), revealed that the movie will release on April 27.  

Now, composer Santhosh Narayanan has yet again revealed an exciting detail about the movie. In fact, he has left it to the audience for it to become a detail. In order to include the public’s opinion on Kaala’s soundtrack, he is running a poll on the internet. From a list of ‘sounds’ he has asked the audience to pick the most fitting introduction tune for Thalaivar. Grab this chance to decide how you would like our Superstar to be introduced on screen.

Here’s his tweet. Get voting, guys!