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Never say these 9 things to a Chennaite!

9 things every Chennaite is tired of hearing

Singara Chennai ungalai anbudan varaverkiradhu! Say this to someone from Chennai and their face is sure to light up. Arguably one of the most peaceful cities in India, Chennai is a place that you’ll either love or hate. There’s no in between. Check out this list of 9 things that every Chennaite is tired of hearing! Share the article if you are from Chennai or show it to your Chennai friend and have a good laugh!

  1. Are you a Madrasi?

  2. I think Bengaluru is better than Chennai in IPL

  3. Your movie tickets are so affordable, man!

  4. We’ll take a ‘trip’ to Mahabalipuram? 

  5. Why is it so hot in Chennai? 

  6. Why is filter coffee not served in cups?

  7. Never ask in public if you are a Thala or Thalapathy fan! 

  8. Why don’t you guys talk Hindi? 

  9. Why are share autos here over-crowded? 



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