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Vijay Sethupathi-Trisha starrer ’96- Audience Review

Tamil audience has been eagerly waiting to watch the Trisha-Vijay Sethupathi starrer ’96. The movie has just hit the screens and is easily one of the best-received movies of the year. Directed by Prem Kumar, the movie has music by Govind Vasanta and the songs are already viral.

Check out what the audience have to say about the movie here-

#96TheMovie will take you back to your schools days! Everyone have performed so well! I was just Physically present!! Good work! congratulations to the whole team!!! @VijaySethuOffl @trishtrashers @MadrasEnterpriz @thinkmusicindia (sic)”

#96theMovie BRILLIANT!  Best film I’ve seen in a long time . A big round of applause to the entire team of @VijaySethuOffl & @trishtrashers who are outstanding and the unseen heroes @Premkumar1710 @govind_vasantha @MadrasEnterpriz @7screenstudio @proyuvraaj (sic)”

#96theMovie #96Movie -4/5. While #VijaySethupathi has already played middle-aged / old-aged characters with ease, it’s remarkable to see @trishtrashers play a middle-aged role here. Sign of maturity. A new turning point in her career “Narai vandha pirage, puriyudhu ulagai” sic)”

“@trishtrashers best after #VTV ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌 #96TheMovie (sic)” 

#96theMovie #96Movie இன்று முதல் வெள்ளித்திரையில் #96FromToday * Excellent Performance * Stunning Cinematography * Mindblowing Music * Script & Flawless Screenplay * Dialogues * No Commercial Elements Must Watch. One of the best movie of the Year 2018 ❤❤❤❤ (sic)”

“என்னங்கடா வந்தா எல்லா படமும் நல்லாருக்கு. இல்லேனா எல்லாமே மொக்கையா இருக்கு #ChekkaChivanthaVaanam #PariyerumPerumal #96TheMovie #Ratsasan #NOTA (sic)”

“அப்டியே சின்ன வயசு காதல கொடாய்ஞ்சு எடுக்குதாம்….நம்ம போனதெல்லாம் மொட்டபசங்க மட்டுமே படிக்கற ஸ்கூல்…நமக்கு அப்டியே கொடாய்ஞ்சுட்டாலும்…. கடுப்புகள கெளப்பிகிட்டு… 😠😠😠 #96FromToday #96TheMovie (sic)” 

“. #96TheMovie #96movie #96TheMovieFromToday will take you back to your schools days! congratulations to the whole team! @VijaySethuOffl @trishtrashers @MadrasEnterpriz @thinkmusicindia @Premkumar1710 (sic)” 

“Hapada finally watched fdfs #96theMovie after few hours delay… @trishtrashers yebbah, what a power-packed performance.. as you said prior, tears came out during climax😪 #MustWatch (sic)” 

#96TheMovie – Ram-Jaanu you just made us go through an unrecoverable experience. How to express in words? Magical, Pain, joyful tears or memories to cherish – it’s beyond words. An amalgamation of poem and painting together. 157 minutes of deep joy pain and smile. Loved it (sic)”

“It’s raining in my hometown & I’m here to watch #96themovie .. 😍 #KaathalaeKaathalae The rain effect continues – @Premkumar1710 (sic)”

“Housepacked morning weekday show in coimbatore kaveri cinema… #96TheMovie @trishtrashers @VijaySethuOffl (sic)”

“Ennaya panni vechurkeenga? Seththu pona odambla, usuru poondha madhri irukku! Half way through #96TheMovie and I don’t want this experience to end at all! (sic)”

“@govind_vasantha you have created one of the all time great albums in 96 which will resonate for years to come. Have been a Thaikudam bridge fan but now a complete fan of you. Stay grounded and do more work like this. All the very best #96TheMovie @VijaySethuOffl @trishtrashers (sic)”

#96TheMovie – திரைப்படத்தில் வரும் சம்பவங்கள் யாவும் நமக்கு நடந்திருக்கலாம், நமக்கு நடக்கபோகலாம், நடந்திருந்தால் அதுபோல் ஓர் இரவை வாழ்வில் நாம் பெற்றிருக்கப்போவதில்லை… #பொக்கிஷம் @VijaySethuOffl @trishtrashers பிரவாகம் நீங்கள்!! இயக்குநர் பிரேம் அவர்களுக்கே அனைத்து பாராட்டும். (sic)”

#96TheMovie (Tamil) – Interval – Beautiful lives narrated in a way that connects directly to the heart. Attachment appears right from the first frame. Loving this. ‘Soulful’ so far. #VijaySethupathi #Trisha #96FromToday (sic)”

“Vintage @trishtrashers is back ….. Waiting to see movie …. Neenga vandha anniki Rain Trisha. …Nala climate to watch #96TheMovie (sic)”

“நம்மாழ்வார் போட்டோ in VJS house ❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌 #96TheMovie (sic)”

“After Jessie It’s Jaanu @trishtrashers #96TheMovie @VijaySethuOffl asusal casual performance and lived in the character…. (sic)”

#96TheMovie love #schoolmemories 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 soulful, can’t put it in words.. @trishtrashers you beauty…..@VijaySethuOffl 😍😍😍😍 (sic)”

“After Jessie It’s Jaanu @trishtrashers #96TheMovie @VijaySethuOffl asusal casual performance and lived in the character…. (sic)”

“எழுதப்படாத கவிதை… வரையப்படாத ஓவியம்… #தொண்ணுற்றாறு #96TheMovie @VijaySethuOffl @trishtrashers (sic)”

#96TheMovie #FDFS #96FromToday @Premkumar1710 takes you a trip down memory lane with an enchanting romantic musical featuring terrific performances from @VijaySethuOffl & @trishtrashers 4.5/5.0 (sic)”

#96TheMovie For this generation and may be after so long years if u watch this film, you will come to know, what is love and how to do it atmost sincerely and honesty…. (sic)”

“@trishtrashers only one #jessy and now only one #jaanu !!! Bench mark 💙LoL💙 mam!!! U and vjs @VijaySethuOffl is a words of prem’s poem cld ’96!!!! #96TheMovie #96FromToda #96FromToday (sic)”

#96TheMovie will bring you back to school days love story (sic)”

“1st Half: 4/5 #96theMovie @Premkumar1710 What were u doing handling photography all these yrs. Heaven’s sake continue Direction. VERA LEVEL 1st HALF💥✌️💕😍👌 #VijaySethupathi na Semma feel na 💕😍 epidna ivlavu nalla nadikra🙏😘😘😍 @trishtrashers Toooo good 😍 Kids Awesome😘 (sic)”

#96TheMovie impressive and amazing to watch again and again 😍😘👌 @VijaySethuOffl anna as Ram 👌😘 Superb @trishtrashers mam Lovely ☺ (sic)”

“Love love love #96TheMovie is all about love ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Loved Every bit of This movie! @VijaySethuOffl as Ram , @trishtrashers as Janu-Stellar performance 👌🏻 @govind_vasantha music is the soul for the movie, Brilliantly scored! @Chinmayi 😍 @Premkumar1710 kudos sir💐 (sic)”

#96TheMovie lingers in your mind for a long time after watching it. Takes you on an emotional journey. The school portion actors are simply brilliant.@VijaySethuOffl is probably one of the finest actors in present times.@trishtrashers has given her career best. Music is poetry. (sic)”

“எழுதினது கவிதையா இல்லை இசைத்தது கவிதையா.???🥰 “வாழா என் வாழ்வை வாழவே தாழாமல் மேலே போகிறேன்.. தீரா உள் ஊற்றை தீண்டவே இன்றே இங்கே மீள்கிறேன் இங்கே இன்றே ஆள்கிறேன்…” #96TheMovie #lifeofram @govind_vasantha @VijaySethuOffl (sic)”

“I don’t want this experience to end at all!❤ #96Themovie #purelovestorythatmovedme (sic)”


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