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Kadaram Kondan – Audience Reaction On Social Media

Kadaram Kondan Audience Review
Kadaram Kondan Audience Review

Chiyaan Vikram’s much-anticipated action thriller Kadaram Kondan has hit theatres on Friday. Directed  by Rajesh M Selva, the movie is bankrolled by veteran actor Kamal Haasan.

Kamal’s daughter Akshara Haasan and actor Nasser’s youngest son Abi Hassan are playing important roles in the flick. Actors Lena, Vikas, Jasmine and Cherry are also part of the supporting cast. The film has music by Ghibran, cinematography by Srinivas R Gutha and KL Praveen’s editing.

Going by the movie reviews on social media, Kadaram Kondan has been raking in positive response from critics and audience alike.

Check out what audience have to say about Kadaram Kondan 

The Complete & a Well made action movie. 👌🏻Thoroughly engaging… For the Stunts, Vikram’s looks & The Music. WORTH it !! @GhibranOfficial’s owns this movie completely🎶🎶🔥🔥

#KadaramKondan movie done. Super convincing 2nd half. Tightly engaging last 45 minutes. Police station scene was simply superb and added class to movie’s success. #ChiyanVikram is Mass, Class, Mamoth. Excellent thriller movie. Thanks to 2nd half. 3.8/5⭐.

#KadaramKondan 1st half is like roller coaster ride.. Stunts & bgm were amazing.. Chiyan is the pulsating.. If 2nd half carries the moment like this.. Then it will be massive comeback for Vikram.. @RajeshMSelva nails in direction department

#KadaramKondan Done with the 2nd half.. Without thinking just book the tickets buddies. Perfect entertainer from chiyan this time.. Pre climax twist will stun you like hell.. WINNER.. 4/5

#KadaramKondan I thoroughly enjoyed that and with that being said as a non-tamil as an African Canadian #ChiyaanVikram is hands that with that performance the best Tamil industry has to offer such talent .. blown away just wow… Thank you so much

#KadaramKondan 1st Half: Racy.. Riveting.. #ChiyaanVikram subtle Mass.. The story happens in a day.. Nicely setup for an explosive 2nd half.. @GhibranOfficial BGM Thaaru Maaru.. Going good so far..

#KadaramKondan – So well made action thriller which will engage you through out. Super good looking Chiyaan supported by some good supporting actors. Perfect casting, good direction and brilliant music score. Easily the best Chiyaan movie after ages. Sure shot HIT. Go watch..!!

The stunt sequences in #KadaramKondan are well shot, but surely not well choreographed. They are in fact tedious. Action is nothing but chases here in different forms like bike, car, walking and running. Doesn’t build any tension while watching…

Halfway through #KadaramKondan, movie travels at a rapid pace. @RajeshMSelva takes some time to establish the key characters but on the whole perfect meter for an action thriller . Good going so far! #ChiyanVikram’s swag

Great choice of supporting actors in #Kadaramkondan.. everybody who’s fresh faced makes it believable and make us remember the characters more and special mention to stunts, camera work n editing..truly international film with top class work from all #ChiyaanVikram #Mass

#KadaramKondan நல்ல ஒரு ஆக்சன் த்ரில்லர் படம்.முதல் பாதியை விட இரண்டாவது பாதி பரபரப்பா போகுது. விக்ரம் தனி ஆளா படத்தை தூக்கி நிருத்துறார்.சண்டை காட்சிகள் ரொம்ப அற்ப்புதம்.ஹாலிவுட் தரத்தில் ஓர் தமிழ்த் திரைப்படம்…

#KadaramKondan [3.25/5] : A racy action thriller.. Jus 2 hrs flat.. #ChiyaanVikram ‘s stylish action sequences are the major highlights.. @AbiHassan_ makes a fine debut.. @aksharahaasan1 👍 @GhibranOfficial ‘s BGM 👌
Dir @RajeshMSelva has made a neat action entertainer..

Watched #Kadaramkondan @ Dubai few minutes back n just 2 WORDS..ACTION EXTRAVAGANZA…#ChiyaanVikram is truly an international actor and there is no surprise this is proved once again !! He is the heart soul blood of this fast paced film salute @RajeshMSelva @GhibranOfficial

#KadaramKondan what an movie unimaginable performance by chiyaan Anna ,stunt sequence Vera level Especially opening entry Vera level ,Pukka mass really enjoyed the movie , waiting for 2nd time 🔥🔥🔥

#KadaramKondan FDFS. Vikram and BGmusic is on top. Superb movie to watch to evident high class direction. All are new faces. Diff journal…awesome to experience at theater.

#KadaramKondan vikram at his best. Such a wonderful thriller. #Akshra you beauty. I’ve become a fan of you. #MustWatch #Maranamass. #VeraLevel #Verithanam #Sureshot #blockbuster. Waiting for the second part. Best of #Gibran. BGM therikka viduthu.

#KadaramKondan first half sets the mood of perfect thriller. It’s really difficult to keep the audience engrossed without chases and action blocks. @GhibranOfficial overpowering BGM is impeccably stunning. Looks like roller coaster moments are guaranteed in second hour

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